Computer Says Show & Beyond The Fence

Can a computer create a musical? Find out on Sky Arts.

At the heart of Sky Arts Failure Season, on Thursday 3rd March at 8pm, is Computer Says Show, a programme documenting a unique experiment to discover if a computer can create a musical.

sky artsWritten and produced by Benjamin Till and his husband Nathan Taylor, the musical Beyond The Fence is a powerful new musical about hope, defiance, unity and love set in 1982 at the Greenham Common Peace camp.

A group of women have joined together and are committed to stopping the arrival of US cruise missiles through non-violent protest. When main character Mary is faced with losing her daughter George to the authorities, she is forced to continue to do what is best for her daughter while staying true to her ideals.

Will Mary be forced to give up George or will an unlikely ally come to her rescue?

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