Moone Boy

Get ready for more nostalgic fun in the British Comedy Award winner for Best Sit-Com

With more whimsical nostalgia and laugh-out-loud humour than you can shake a stick at, the British Comedy Award winner for Best Sit-Com - co-written, directed by and starring Chris O’Dowd - returns to Sky 1.

sky 1Martin Moone (David Rawle) is in no hurry to grow up as he and imaginary pal Sean Murphy (O’Dowd), plus best mate Padraic (Ian O’Reilly), enjoy a fresh batch of adventures, from becoming door-to-door salesmen and hunting for UFOs to wrangling pet donkey Donkey Kong.

The Moone household, meanwhile, is at bursting point following the addition of Dessie (Ronan Raftery) and baby Rose to the chaotic brood.

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And now look what happens when the same thing happens in reality! We arranged for our very own "Moone Boy" and his imaginary friend to drop into the Heart Studio to meet Toby Anstis....

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