Merseyside teenager awarded for bravery

16 year old Daniel Nelson’s display of community spirit has been recognised at the National Public Bravery Awards after he helped an elderly man who was being racially abused and assaulted by two men and a woman.

It was last year in September 2010 when he was sitting on the bus on the way into Liverpool when he saw the attack and decided to help the man. After intervening and standing between the man and the attackers, he then became the victim.

He was punched several times and suffered a four inch cut to the side of his face from a drinks can. As a result he’s scarred for life and it serves as a daily reminder of what happened to him.

The awards ceremony was hosted by the Association of Police Officers in Liverpool where Daniel was given a Gold medal.  

63 year old Derek Mozeley from Birkenhead was also awarded at the ceremony after he helped Police catch a man who was pointing a gun at people on a street in Birkenhead in July last year.