Pregnant women urged to quit smoking!

Shock figures from British Medical Association show serious risks to babies.

Latest figures out from the British Medical Association show that babies born to mothers who smoke are around 40% more likely to be stillborn or to die within the first four weeks of life.

Kimberley Lloyd, 27, from Birkenhead told Heart she didn't want to run the risk of harming her baby: "Since I found out I was pregnant I thought I'd better give up."I thought instead of harm coming to him I'd at least try and quit, which I did!

"It was tough but I've stayed off them now."

Carol Corvers, NHS Wirral Stop Smoking Service Programme Manager, said: "Giving up smoking during pregnancy can be a daunting and stressful task, but we want to reassure them that help is available, and that they are more likely to succeed with support."

The campaign is being run by Smokefree North West, in partnership with NHS Wirral.

You can call the Wirral Stop Smoking Service on 0151 630 8383.