Wirral boy rescued from sea

A 12 year old from the North West gets washed out to sea.

Michael Lally, 12, was on holiday in Parthcawl in South Wales when he had to be rescued by the volunteer lifeguards of the RNLI.

It happened on the evening of Tuesday 3 August when he was swept out from Trecco Bay in his dingy by an offshore wind.

Helmsman Alex Denny from the RNLI said: "Fortunately someone ashore, thought to be the casualty’s brother Peter, had seen the boy jump out into the sea and attempted to swim.

"Peter was then able, via the Coastguard, to direct us to where Michael was. We quickly brought him on board and proceeded back to the Lifeboat Station."

Inflatables are a problem around the Wirral coast, made more deadly with a fast flowing current at the mouth of the River Dee.

Wirral Lifeguard Tony Jones has been telling Heart, the sea isn't the place for inflatables: "because they're very light and shallow in the water they can very quikcly be blown off shore, then the temptation for the occupants is to get out and swim.

"There's no place really for inflatables in an open water environment, they really shouldn't be used on our beaches."