14 hurt in chemical incident on Deeside

Fourteen people have been hurt after a chemical incident in Deeside.

Fire crews from Flint and Wrexham joined teams at Brookfield Foods Limited on the Deeside Industrial estate at 4.44am.

The fire service say a number of chemicals mixed together to make Chlorine gas and three of the injured people were taken to hospital.

Justin Evans who was in charge of the incident said:

"There was an uncontrolled mixture of chemicals released which produced chlorine gas. Three casualties were taken to hospital by ambulance and there were a further 11 people treated at the scene.

"Crews from the Service are trained to deal with this type of incident and we have the necessary resources to ensure that the incident was dealt with professionally."

A spokesperson for Brookfield Foods said:

"An immediate evacuation of the site took place through which all staff were accounted for, although 3 members of staff were taken to hospital as a precautionary measure.

"Emergency services were called which arrived promptly, they were briefed and took control of the incident.

"After a short time the emergency services were satisfied there was no risk present and staff were allowed back into the building.

"A full investigation is underway in relation the circumstances of the incident."