MPs to hear Mums fight for new inquest into son's death

MPs are to debate this afternoon a mum from Chester's fight for a new inquest into her son's death. 15 year old Kevin Williams died at the Hillsborough disaster in 1989.

Anne Williams from Chester will hear MP's debate the issue in Westminster Hall this afternoon - it's after an e-petition got more that 100,000 signatures. 

Anne told Heart she has evidence which shows her son didn't die when the original inquest said he did. 

She said:

'Hillsborough will never go away, myself and other families don't agree with the 3.15pm cut off point. The evidence will be heard today, I know they can't ask questions but at least they can put the evidence down on record.

'My MP Stephen Mosley will say about everything that went wrong in Kevin's inquest, witness statements that changed, the strong medical evidence which shows Kevin didn't die from what they said.'