Police raid pubs and homes in Flintshire

Police in part of Flintshire have used sniffer dogs to raid homes and pubs to try and find people dealing drugs.

Heart went out with the officers in Deeside on Friday night as they targeted homes and businesses.

One man was arrested and three others were cautioned.

Molly, the police sniffer dog was joined by five police cars in the raids.

Sergeant Tony Heaword was in charge of the operation and said:

"You've been with us tonight and seen the look on people's faces as five or six vehicles have driven up to pubs and the landlords and people inside are happy to see us.

"It's a great way of instilling trust and confidence in the area.

"The public here want people who use and deal drugs to be dealt with and they want anti-social behaviour and drinking taken off the street so we will respond to what people want."