Rabbits abandoned before Easter

The Capricorn Animal Rescue Centre in Mold have taken in 25 abandoned rabbits in recent weeks. With Easter this weekend, the centre is urging parents to think before buying their children a pet.

The Capricorn Animal Rescue centre say they're expecting Easter to be a busy time. Already they have found 3 rabbits dumped in a small box left in Alyn Waters Country Park in Llay, Wrexham. 

Shelia from the centre told Heart:

'If they are not prepared for it, they've not got a hutch, not got any food, they've done no research into what care the animal needs, how long it's going to live or anything else. In three month the kids are fed up and the animals are out.

'They can't afford to keep them, they've suddenly got an allergy to them, they're just fed up, they're working now so they don't have time to care after them. Normally you get 4 or 5 the longer you let the talk the more excuses they come out with.'