Record Number of Pets Dumped

Capricorn Animal Rescue Centre in Padeswood, Flinshire say they're being handed hundreds of unwanted animals. Everything from ponies to ferrets. But they're particularly concerned about the number of rabbits being dumped on their doorstep.

They say over the last six months they've been given four hundred bunnies, all needing new homes but some have been left in very sorry states. Shelter Manager Shiela Stewart's revealed to Heart many of the pets arrive needing emergnecy treatment as they're struggling to eat because of various ailments like bad teeth and growths.

Sheila says many owners tell her staff ,who are all volunteers they simply can't afford to care for the animals any longer but she admits their costs are also on the rise. "Numbers have doubled, vet bills have doubled and more animals are needing treatment because they're coming in injured, the cost of food has also gone up"

The Centre's now calling on Mums and Dads to really think about whether their family has the time to care for a pet before buying one. Sheila says remember "animals are living things with feelings' She added "animals whole lives depend on their owners care"