Woman rescued from 8 metre hole

A Deeside woman has been rescued by firefighters after falling into an 8 metre deep hole that appeared in her driveway.

Jan Hinks says the concrete just gave way underneath her this morning - fire crews rescued her around 09.50.

Mrs Hinks didn't need hospital treatment after being pulled out of the hole in Mancot which was full of water.

Peter Griffith, Watch Manager, White Watch Deeside, said:

"Crews bridged a ladder across the hole and were able to secure a rope around the woman and pull her to safety.

"The lady involved reported that the concrete on her driveway gave way as she walked and she fell into the cavity beneath.

"Firefighters worked extremely well together at this unusual incident and helped to reassure the woman who was cold, wet and understandably very frightened."

Jan Hinks son Rob described what happened:

"My mum had gone out to do some gardening, and the drive collapsed right underneath her and she's fallen into a subsided hole underneath the driveway.

"She's okay, In shock. She's got minor cuts to her hands are really really shaken up more than anything it was a shock. She was freezing cold as she had fallen into water under the drive."