10 Year Old Writes Jo Cox Poem

15 July 2016, 14:23 | Updated: 15 July 2016, 14:24

A 10-year-old girl inspired by the legacy of Labour MP Jo Cox has written a heartwarming poem called Love Like Jo.

Eleni Taylor, from Sheffield, described the late politician as "a shining golden sun lighting up the cold grey sky'' and "a beautiful flower in a field of sadness'' in a tribute written the night before Mrs Cox's private family funeral.

Eleni's proud father Paul Taylor, head of support and development for one of Mrs Cox's favourite charities - the Royal Voluntary Service (RVS), which is benefiting from the Jo Cox Memorial Fund, shared the poem on Twitter.


It read: "A shining golden sun lighting up the cold grey sky/ A beautiful flower in a field of sadness/ Stamping down the evil and spreading the joy/ Calling on us to do the same/To fight for the happiness of others.

"An old man walking home from prayers on a Friday/ A young Polish girl serving coffee in a tea shop/ Calling every person - no matter their age/ Or the colour of their skin - to celebrate the world/ And everyone in it.

The sun is gone but we see a patch/ Of blue sky showing through the clouds/ Fight for happiness/ Fight like Jo/ Love like Jo."

Mr Taylor, who met Mrs Cox when she first started working with the RVS, said: "Eleni was interested in Jo because after her death I did several media interviews.

"She became very interested in what Jo was trying to do. She, like many people, never met Jo but wished she had.

"She knew the funeral was today so she disappeared off to her room and wrote the poem.

"She came down and showed it to me and said 'It sums up how I feel'.

"My daughter is a sensitive soul. I was really chuffed.''

Mr Taylor's team met Mrs Cox many times as she was passionate about people who are lonely and isolated in the community.

He added: "It was a natural fit. She invited us into her office, and it was very Jo, she got us settled with a biscuit and a cuppa and then listened to what we had to say.

"She relaunched the service for us and helped us nationally.''

Mr Taylor was among the crowds who watched the cortege as it passed through Mrs Cox's Batley and Spen constituency.