Family Of Murdered Mum Need Answers

13 October 2015, 07:29 | Updated: 13 October 2015, 07:36

Detectives investigating the murder of a South Yorkshire woman 10 years ago are appealing for anyone with information about what happened to her to come forward.

69-year-old Nora Tait was last seen on October 12 2005 in Doncaster before officers believe she bought a fish and chip meal from a nearby takeaway.

The meal lay untouched on the dining room table in her home in Stone Close Avenue, Hexthorpe, where her body was found by a friend on October 13. Police believe Nora died on October 12. 

The front door of Nora’s home was unlocked and police believe the killer could have left the house through the front door with the weapon, believed to have been used in an attack on Nora.

The back door was locked and the weapon has never been found.

A black leather purse containing a small amount of cash was the only item thought to be missing from the house and has never been recovered. 

Her son Alan told Heart: "You don't expect your mum to be murdered in her house in broad daylight.

"For this to happen to a defenseless pensioner, it's disgusting.

"It's been 10 years of agony for our family and we don't want another 10 years. We want it sorting once and for all."