Leeds Mail Centre Busiest Week

11 December 2018, 18:53 | Updated: 11 December 2018, 18:56

Leeds Royal Mail Centre

With Christmas only two weeks away it's the busiest time of the year for Leeds Royal Mail centre

Heart was invited to have a look around the site, which is the size of five football pitches, as the festive frenzy starts.

The plant manager Robert Davies told us they have processed about 5.7 million items in the last twenty-four hours.

Robert said: "the overwhelming majority is Christmas cards...we'll be running at ninety to ninety-five per-cent Christmas cards at this time of year."

Robert said the centre has recruited more than 440 christmas casual staff here and another parcel sorting centre has opened in Normanton.

"They really are superb people that help us out, from all walks of life...it's a really good feeling at Christmas because everybody is there knowing that we are delivering people's presents."

The centre does process some weird and wonderful items at this time of year.

Robert told us they receive a lorry full of bean bags everyday and even the odd car bumper.

He said: "It is very strange to see the front part of a car being run through our operation".