'Making the invisible child within, visible'

10 May 2019, 12:47 | Updated: 10 May 2019, 12:52


A Yorkshire child sexual abuse victim is among the 105 survivors, putting their face to a new campaign designed to make 'the invisible child within, visible'

The group behind it, Shatterboys, say often, survivors stories aren't believed, because officials don't recognise their abuse happened when they were children and associate historic crimes with the adult in front of them instead.

Dawn, is one of them of the victims who's put her face to the campaign, she's been sharing her story: 'My abuse started when I was three years old, I was scared, I thought it was my fault. I still remember the blue dress I had on. I used to love twirling around in it.'

'I've ended up with mental health issues, social anxiety and OCD - I've just recently discovered I've got an eating disorder.

'I have to get my hair cut three times a week because my abuser used to run his fingers through my hair. It triggers me if it grows

'If it's a Bank Holiday Monday, it might sound not right to some people, but I can't handle it if I can't get my hair cut.

'I can wash my hair, 10 times, 20 times - I still feel mucky, I feel dirty, I feel horrible.'

In the photo's, survivors of sexual abuse have photos of them as a child, next to pictures of their adult selves.

Dawn says she hopes it brings change: 'People need to listen.

'Hopefully, it'll mean future generations won't be given a life sentence like mine'

The campaign has now been turned into an exhibition.