A Third Of Police Staff Say They Are Unhappy In Their Job

9 May 2017, 06:00

Police Tape

A poll by the GMB Union has found police staff members say they're stressed, with many blaming excessive work loads and poor management.

We have spoken anonymously to a member of staff at South Yorkshire Police about what they face at work.

They told us: 
"People are leaving, not always because they want to leave, it's because they feel nobody cares and I can understand it from how managers react when problems are taken to them.

"(They are) 'if you don't like it then you know where the door is', when staff are criticised and somebody challenges that ' you know, we can easily replace them if they leave'.

"As staff are leaving the work isn't leaving. My workload has doubled so I'm doing two peoples jobs at the minute. I'm spending more time at work because I need to get my work done.

"I'm quite efficient, and once you're efficient and once you can managed you will get more work and I've been told that."

We put these claims to South Yorkshire Police. 

Deputy Chief Constable Mark Roberts said: 
"We do not want any of our people to feel unhappy or under pressure at work.

"The Force is currently undertaking a number of engagement opportunities to ensure staff can have their say and to ultimately, help shape the future of South Yorkshire Police.

"Last year we introduced a comprehensive staff survey, to gauge the views of all of our staff, their thoughts on the organisation and their ideas for improvement.

"This is just one of a number of continuous development and engagement initiatives we have introduced and we ultimately want to empower staff and encourage healthy debate and discussion.

"Our staff are the heart and soul of our organisation and by working with each and every one of them I want to ensure that South Yorkshire Police is a great place to work."