Tracy Brabin Wins Batley And Spen By Election

21 October 2016, 02:26 | Updated: 21 October 2016, 02:42

Labour has held Batley and Spen in the by-election caused by the killing of MP Jo Cox.

Former Coronation Street actress Tracy Brabin secured the West Yorkshire constituency with a majority of 16,537 after the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, Ukip and the Greens decided not to put up candidates out of respect for Mrs Cox.

She finished ahead of English Demorcrat Therese Hirst - one of nine independent and fringe party candidates to contest the seat in a list which included representatives of the far-right National Front and BNP, who all lost their deposits.

Turnout was just 25% - one of the lowest by-election turnouts since the Second World War.

In her acceptance speech, Ms Brabin - who took almost 82% of the vote - said her win was a victory for "hope and unity''.

She said:
"This has been a difficult experience for all of us and tonight is a bittersweet occasion for me. That this by-election has had to take place at all is a tragedy.

"I hope Jo will be proud tonight of our community. We have shown that we stand together with one voice choosing unity and hope.''

Full results: 

Candidate Party Number of Votes
Tracy Brabin Labour  17,506
Therese Hirst English Democrats  969
David Furness British National Party 548
Garry Kitchin Independent 517 
Corbyn Anti By Election Protest 241
Jack Buckby No to terrorism, yes to Britain 220
Henry Edmond Burke Mayhew   Independent 153
Waqas Aki Khan  Independent 118
Richard Edmonds  National Front 87
Ankit Love One Love Party 34