West Yorkshire Footballer Jailed For Match Fixing

29 April 2015, 18:10 | Updated: 29 April 2015, 18:13

A West Yorkshire footballer's been jailed for 2 and a half years for trying to fix matches.

The court heard the 35 year old told lower league players they could make "easy money'' by throwing games.

They were offered around £2,000 and other people would make big cash from putting huge bets on the results.

Facey was acting as a middle man between players and two businessmen from Singapore who were convicted last year.

Sentencing both Facey and his co-accused, former non-league player Moses Swaibu.

Judge Stacey, said:

"It's about the fans of the teams involved, the families who follow the fortunes of their teams with passion, loyalty and devotion.

"They assume that all the players in those teams will be sharing in that and playing their hardest and best.

"It's also about the employees and staff, groundsmen, coaches, the cleaners, even the owners and share-holders, the match stewards - many of whom will have been volunteers.

"You have betrayed all that trust, all that confidence, and it's like a cancer at the heart of football.''

Facey told the court he had got involved with the scam after his career ended and he admitted he was "bad with money".

The judge said in both cases, the motivation was financial greed.

Swaibu got 16 months and Facey got 2 and a half years.

Both men will serve half their sentences in jail and the remainder on licence.