West Yorkshire Mum Launches New Thomas Cook Attack

29 May 2015, 10:57 | Updated: 29 May 2015, 11:00

The mum of two West Yorkshire children who were killed by carbon monoxide poisoning in Corfu has accused Thomas Cook's former chief executive of trying to use their memory to gain public sympathy.

Sharon Wood said she heard Harriet Green was in line for a lucrative bonus-related payout only through the Sunday newspapers, and she hopes to donate a third of it to charity on Wednesday. 

Ms Wood told a London press conference: "If Harriet Green feels the need to offload some of that money to salve her conscience, that is her decision to make, but to try and gain public empathy by attaching her donation to the memory of my Christi and Bobby I find abhorrent.'' 

To suggest that her family have anything to do with it is "simply wrong and I wish to make that clear now''. 

It has been reported Ms Green could receive six million shares next month, and she said she will give two million of them to a charity to be chosen by the children's parents. 

She led Thomas Cook until last year, during a period in which the firm took legal action against the hotel involved and fought to stop inquests into the children's deaths taking place in the UK. 

Thomas Cook has been hit by a new wave of public criticism after an inquest jury decided this month that Christi, seven, and Bobby, six, were unlawfully killed and that the holiday giant breached its duty of care. 

The children were found dead in a bungalow in the grounds of a hotel in Corfu in 2006. 

They had been on a Thomas Cook holiday with their father Neil Shepherd and his partner, now wife, Ruth when they breathed in fumes from a faulty boiler.