West Yorkshire Woman Runs New York Marathon

5 November 2017, 08:27 | Updated: 5 November 2017, 09:14

Lucy Knight Holmfirth

A woman from West Yorkshire is running the New York marathon today raising money in memory of her friend's daughter who died from a congenital heart defect.

Lucy Knight from Holmfirth is raising money for the Piggles Trust.

It aims to put pre-school education into children's wards across the country for long term patients who miss out on those early years education.

Lucy said: "It's a very new charity set up by a friend of mine called Caroline. Unfortunately Caroline and Teddy lost their little girl Harriet a year ago due to a horrible condition she was born with.

"When Caroline set up the charity I decided it was the right thing to do, to run the marathon to raise awareness and funds for this amazing charity."

50 thousand runners are taking part in the marathon, just days after the first terror attack in the city since 9/11.

Lucy says it's not going to put her off taking part: "Obviously it's a consideration that this has happened in New York, not far from where we are staying. But as long as I could get to New York and still run the marathon there was nothing going to stop me, it's not going to stop me making a difference to other people's lives.

"The security's stepped up and it's probably better than it would have been if the attack hadn't have happened. So it's probably the safest time at the moment to run the marathon."

There's more info on the Piggles Trust here...