Yorkshire Women Urged To Take Up Sport

11 July 2015, 05:00

Women across Yorkshire are being encouraged to get active, and not worry about what others think of them when doing it!

The 'This Girl Can' campaign, which was started in January by Sport England, will see billboards going up in places - like Trinity Leeds - aimed at getting women of all shapes, sizes and abilities to get involved in sport.

45 year old Louise Walker from Leeds and 50 year old Jo Moseley from Skipton have been chosen to be the faces of the campaign.

Louise works as an Active Lifestyle Officer and has two children, a 26 year old daughter and 19 year old son and likes to keep active socially, playing tennis with her niece in her This Girl Can picture.

She says:
"You wouldn't think it, given what I do for a living, but I actually worry about everything when it comes to being active! It takes a lot of courage for me to go along and try something new but I know once I get there I'll love it and just need to brave that first time. And overcoming my fears has really helped me understand what might be stopping others from exercising.

I would say to other women who share my worries to try and not to let the voice in your head hold you back as it's only you that misses out - no one else is judging you anyway! I've been really inspired by the This Girl Can campaign and it's motivated me to try activities I wouldn't have done before, like Zumba which I started recently and have signed up to continue."

Jo is also a mum of two and works as a manager for an engineering company. She likes to row and swim to keep active and has just completed the Great North Swim in her This Girl Can picture.
She told Heart:
"I hadn't been to the gym for decades because I worried I would look like I didn't belong, so it took a lot of courage for me to start getting active last year. However, I quickly realised how much happier and healthier I felt and that inspired me to do more.

Open water swimming is just one of my many recent adventures and I'm sure it won't be the last - everyone laughs at me in my big goggles but that just makes me love it more! This Girl Can rings completely true for me and I would encourage any women out there who has the same worries I did to just find something that makes them happy."

The campaign features women of all shapes, sizes, and sporting abilities and aims to help all women overcome their fear of judgement to sweat and jiggle as they exercise.
A new mobile web app enables women to upload their own This Girl Can style picture - whether that's them finishing their first 5K run or returning to rounders - choose a campaign mantra such as "Hot and Not Bothered" and add the This Girl Can logo.
More than 3,000 women have already uploaded their pictures using the app. Over 2,500 of the most inspiring pictures shared via the app will be featured on digital billboards in shopping centres around the country on the 11th and 12th July, giving women the chance to see themselves and others exercising in whatever way works for them.