A-Z of Summer: Collage

Get creative with a collage; a piece of art made up of lots of different materials.

A collage can include newspaper cuttings, ribbons, bits of coloured paper, pictures from magazines or your own photographs, in fact anything that will make an interesting picture.

All the pieces you have collected will need to be glued onto a piece of paper, card or canvas to make your artwork.

You could even add in 3D pieces such as moss, pebbles and shells to add more interest to your picture.

Try and think of a theme, whether that be colour or maybe a favourite place or day out.  Collect up all your materials and then glue them down onto your base (eg. Card), be as creative as you like, mixing up the bits and pieces until you have covered your base.  

Once you’ve finished you could even frame it with something matching your theme – what about ribbon or some twigs!?

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Whatever you choose to do enjoy the scent of summer with Vax and Heart.