A-Z of Summer: Egg & Spoon race

An egg and spoon race is a sporting event in which participants must carry an egg on a small spoon and race to the finish line without dropping the egg.

Using a boiled egg is best but sticking the egg to the spoon is defiantly regarded as cheating!

In your garden set up the race area and mark your start and finish lines so that everyone knows where they should race.

You can create a garden Olympics by adding other races such as sack race or three legged race; make gold silver and bronze medals out of card and ribbon and have an award ceremony complete with national anthem!

Top tip:
Try and keep your upper body completely still and speed walk with your legs, keep your back straight.

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Whatever you choose to do enjoy the scent of summer with Vax and Heart.

*As always, please be mindful of your children’s health & safety during these activities and keep them attended to at all times