A-Z of Summer: Games Night

A great way of getting the whole family involved is to play board games, there are loads out there and we’re sure most families have at least one of the classics like Monopoly, Cludeo, Go For Broke, Game of Life, but if not there are plenty of other games and not all of them need to be played with a group.

But you don’t have to have a board game to hand, what about "Who am I?”  

All you need for this is a piece of paper and some sticky tape (or post-it notes if you have these to hand), or if you really want to be creative you could use pictures of people out of magazines.

How to play…..

Place the name of the person or the picture onto either the forehead or the back – so that the person can’t see who they are.

Each person then takes it in turn to ask a question(s) about ‘themselves’ to figure out who is on the name tag or picture

Questions can only be answered with a yes or no so, if the question is answered with a yes they can ask another question, if the answer is no it goes to the next person

At any time during the game but when it is your turn you can guess who you are – but be careful as you only have 3 chances to guess.

The person has to be famous, but can be alive or dead, a real person or a character

Some question ideas

  • Am I a man / woman?
  • Am I a film star?
  • Am I famous for a sporting event?
  • Am I alive?

How about card games , some you don’t even need to have anyone to play with.

Solitaire, also called Patience, is a single-player card game which involves sorting a standard pack of cards (52 without jokers) that have been laid out in a particular order.

The object of the game is to expose all cards and move them into the one of four foundation piles (one for each suit).  These piles are built upward in suit from Aces to Kings.

To start the game the cards should be shuffled and dealt in front of you into 7 columns, the first column should have one card, the second two cards and so on with the last column seven.  All cards should face down except the top one, which should face up to reveal the card.

Once the columns are ready you can move the cards that face you onto any of the foundation piles (remember that you have to start with an Ace)

Columns should run from King to Ace with alternating colours– for example King of Spades (Black)  – Queen of Hearts (Red) – Jack of Clubs (Black) – 10 of Diamonds (Red) – and so on until you reach the Ace, these can then be added to the foundation pile in the correct order (Ace first and one suit per pile).  Partial or complete piles can be moved from one column to another if they are built down by alternate colours and decreasing rank.

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Whatever you choose to do enjoy the scent of summer with Vax and Heart.

A-Z of Summer A is for...

Apple Bobbing - the perfect game for a summer's afternoon but best played in the garden.

A-Z of Summer B is for...

BBQ. It had to be barbecues. Take a look at our favourite recipe of the moment and some top tips.

A-Z of Summer C is for...

Collage - Get creative with a collage; a piece of art made up of lots of different materials.

A-Z of Summer D is for...

Dens. Make the ultimate hide out where it's invitation only with secret passwords.

A-Z of Summer E is for...

Egg and Spoon race. Recreate the sports day classic but make sure there's no cheating from mum and dad.

A-Z of Summer F is for...

Follow My Leader. A great game to get the kids marching, skipping, hopping and singing.

A-Z of Summer G is for...

Games Night. Ideas for the best board games, card games and the 'Who Am I?' game.

A-Z of Summer H is for...

Hide and Seek. A classic game which can be played inside or out. Who will be found first?

Alphabet I is for...

Ice Lollies. Perfect to cool down on a hot day and the chance to get fruity at home.

Alphabet J is for

Jenga. Keep your hand steady as you remove the blocks from the tower.

Alphabet K is for...

Kite Building. Get some real satisfaction by building your own and letting it go in a puff of wind.

Alphabet L is for...

Ladybird Garden. Be prepared to get some dirty fingers and 'borrow' a few flowers from the garden.

Alphabet M is for

Mud Pies. These are tasty treats you can eat and get messy at the same time!

Alphabet N is for

Noughts and Crosses. A simple but fun game which can soon become full of strategy and tactics!

Alphabet O is for

Obstacle Course. There's so many ways you set a tricky course full of traps and tricks.

Alphabet P is for

Paddling Pools. The perfect place to cool off on a hot summer's day.

Alphabet Q is for

Quoits. There's plenty of variations of this deck game and you don't need a boat to play it.

Alphabet R is for

Rummaging for bugs. Go on, be brave have a look in the garden and turn over some rocks!

Alphabet S is for

Skipping. Can your criss cross or double under? Check out the fun you can have with a skipping rope.

Alphabet T is for...

Treasure Hunt. Cryptic clues, photo clues or 'hot' and 'cold' can make for a great afternoon inside or out.

Alphabet U is for...

Under the Stars. On a clear night do some star-gazing or for the real young, make your own!

Alphabet V is for...

Vegetable patch. Have fun and be healthy by growing you own veg..it's not as difficult as it sounds.

Alphabet W is for

Water fights...what better way to cool off during the summer than getting the super soakers out.

Alphabet X is for

X-Box, check out our guide some of the latest games available for the console.

Alphabet Y is for...

Yo-yo. Have hours of fun as you 'walk the dog' and master other tricks with your yo-yo.

Alphabet Z is for...

zzzzzzzzzz! You'll need it if you've completed the Vax A-Z of Summer.

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