A-Z of Summer: Noughts and Crosses

For those who are unfamiliar with noughts and crosses: It is a game for two players where player 1 puts noughts and the other crosses into a grid. 

The grid is 3 squares by 3 squares and the aim of the game is to prevent your opponent completing a line.  A winning line can be made up vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Usually played on a piece of paper or a computer but why not make a giant game to play in the garden? 

Roll up towels and place them on the floor to make up the grid. 

The noughts can be made with anything that’s round, what about a plastic picnic plate or a Frisbee and the crosses can simply be made by using 2 twigs and crossing them over each other, you could even use a piece of string to tie them together in a cross shape.

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