A-Z of Summer: Obstacle Course

Use things you can find around the house to make an obstacle course, 6 to 8 different obstacles is ideal but it will depend on how much room you have. 

Also don’t forget that you don’t have to just run around you can hop, jump, crawl or walk too!

Here are some ideas …

Newspaper Walk
Newspaper is something that is commonly available at home. Just get hold of as many newspapers as you can. Each person should have two sheets of newspaper and they must reach from one marked line to another only stepping on the newspaper.  You’ll need to place one sheet in front of you and step on it, then place the next sheet down and step on it, and then turn around to lift the previous sheet for the next step and so on until you cross the finishing line.

Ladder run
You can use an actual ladder or even create your own if you have enough friends with you to do it.  If using a real ladder place it down between the start and finish line of a race, you should step in between each rung of the ladder as part of the race.  If you can create your own, you can sit on the floor facing your friend with legs outstretched in front of you, your legs will create the rungs of the ladder, one person should run over the others legs – fastest time overall wins!

Hula Hoops

Place 6 hula hoops on the ground.  Place the first hoop down, and position the next hoop slightly ahead of the first in a diagonal direction then hop from one hoop to another, you should only place one foot in a hoop at any one time.
You can use the same course of hula hoops but this time place the hoops in a straight line – step into the first loop then lift it over your head, drop it behind and move onto the next and so on.

Balloon pass
Get into 2 teams, each team will need at least 3 members.  Blow up a balloon and pass it from one team member to the next without using your hands.  Once you’ve passed the balloon the first person on the team should run to the front of the line and be ready to receive the balloon again and so on until you’ve reached the finish line.

Golf Jump

Across the garden spread out some golf balls, they can be in a straight line, a zig zag or randomly.  Then you and your friends should squat at the start line and then jump like frogs toward the golf balls.  The balls should be collected up and the winner will be the one who has collected the most within the allocated time. To make it a bit easier each person can have a bag or a bucket to collect the ball in.

Collection Race

At the end of the course a large basket is placed, then along the course put down several objects; why not lay out several toys, the contestants should run and pick up the first item and put it into the basket.  They should then run back to the second item on the course and do the same and so on until all the items are in the basket.

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Whatever you choose to do enjoy the scent of summer with Vax and Heart.

*As always, please be mindful of your children’s health & safety during these activities and keep them attended to at all times