A-Z of Summer: Rummaging for Bugs

In most woods, gardens or country lanes you can rummage for bugs by turning over a stone, flowerpots, pieces of bark or a log. 

In a single expedition you could see centipedes, earwigs, spiders, ants, slugs (some of which are bright orange) millipedes, beetles, worms and woodlice. 

If you see a bug that you don’t know the name of perhaps you could think of your own to call it.

Have a ‘pokey’ stick to hand so if you’re not too fond of creepy crawlies then you can lift things up at a distance, but try and be brave and soon you’ll discover that they’re really not frightening but really fascinating.

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Whatever you choose to do enjoy the scent of summer with Vax and Heart.

*As always, please be mindful of your children’s health & safety during these activities and keep them attended to at all times