Keeping fit in December

Exercise is not just about taking part in major sports like football, rugby and tennis.

With Strictly Come Dancing gripping the nation again, how about getting involved in a dance class together? Everything from the stately waltz to street dance is on offer.

You can enjoy massive benefits from walking or cycling together....and family pastimes such as orienteering or geo-caching are becoming more popular.

Plus you don't even need to go far afield to take part in some form of exercise - you can do a few things much nearer to home. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

!. Get into the garden and rake the lawn...
2....then turn over the soil with a spade ready for the winter.
3. Walk the dog. They need the exercise as much as you do.
4. Have a boogie to the radio - even a three-minute work-out to a favourite tune is better than nothing!
5. Get the kids to clean their rooms! (This might be difficult!)

If you need a few more ideas.....:
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