Cambridge: Top 10 Crime Hot Spots

22 May 2013, 10:21

The top 10 crime 'hot spots' in Cambridge city have been revealed for 2012.

Sydney street topped the list with more than 300 crimes recorded, including 63 violent crimes and 4 drugs offences.

St Andrew's Street came second with 277 crimes including 45 violent crimes, 188 thefts and 13 drugs offences.

Cambridgeshire Police told Heart: "During the 12 months up to the end of April 2013 crime continued to fall in Cambridge City and overall crime was down 7.1%."

"Hotspot mapping is a tool the police use to direct resources, but the key to combating any crime or disorder problem lies in understanding the detail of the issue."

"Within any large geographical hotspot area there are generally a number of problems many of which have different causes. Cambridge City Community Safety Partnership is working hard to analyse and address these issues."

Top 10 Crime Hot Spots

1. Sidney Street – 311 crimes in total, 63 violent crimes, 227 theft related, four drugs offences.

2. St Andrew’s Street – 277 crimes in total, 45 violent crimes, 188 theft related, 13 drug offences.

3. Mill Road – 274 crimes in total, 63 violent crimes, 143 theft related, 20 drug offences.

4. Grafton centre – 233 crimes in total, 22 violent crimes, 184 theft related, two drug offences.

5. Hills Road – 222 crimes in total, 43 violent crimes, seven drug offences.

6. Regent Street – 195 crimes in total, 53 violent crimes, 103 theft related, 11 drug offences.

7. Newmarket Road – 170 crimes in total, 38 violent crimes, 85 theft related, 10 drug offences.

8. Parkside – 151 crimes in total, 29 violent crimes, 73 theft related, 28 drug offences.

9. Chesterton road – 138 crimes in total, 20 violent crimes, 86 theft related, seven drug offences.

10. Beehive Centre – 124 crimes in total, five violent crimes, 11 theft related, no drug offences.

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