Child Obesity In Cambs

15 December 2010, 16:04

A new NHS report claims around one in ten children starting school in Cambridgeshire is classed as obese.

According to the National Child Measurement Programme, 8.7% of kids in Cambridgeshire going into reception class are obese.

In Peterborough, that number is 9.8%.

When children reach year six and the end of primary schools, the numbers rise to 15.6% in Cambridgeshire and 19.7% in Peterborough.

Nationally, 9.8% of kids starting school are classed as obese, and by the time they reach year six that number is 18.7%.

In the east, the numbers are 9.2% and 16.8% respectively.

The worst performing area in the east is Luton, where 14.3% of reception aged children are classed as obese.

Val Thomas, a consultant in public health at NHS Cambridgeshire, said: "A healthy lifestyle really starts during the ante-natal period, when mothers should be eating healthily during their pregnancy.

It's also really important that during the under five period that children have a healthy diet and learn to be active.

We work with schools to make sure the correct messages are given out in lessons, and the school environment supports physical activity and healthy eating.

We've started to run weight management courses for seven to 11 year olds to help them over a period of months to adopt a healthier lifestyle - they're called Energise."

Click here to visit the NHS Cambridgeshire website to find out what support and advice is available to parents.

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