St Neots: Mum Launches Race For Life

19 February 2012, 08:00

A mum from St Neots, who has survived breast cancer, is urging other women to enter this year's Race For Life events.

The events are held every year in aid of Cancer Research UK.

Later this year, there are races in:

  • Cambridge. 1st July. 5km.
  • Peterborough. 10th July. 5km.
  • Stamford. 13th May. 5km & 10km.

50 year old Heather Asling, along with her 21 year old daughter Lauren [both pictured - above right] have officially declared the races open for entry.

Heather was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2010 - on the same day her sister-in-law was told she had ovarian cancer.

She has since had chemotherapy and surgery.

Heather said: "I was so lucky I went to the doctors when I did because if I'd left it any longer it might have been inoperable.

That's why I took part in Race for Life last year and why I will be doing it again this year.

I'm so grateful for the treatment that saved my life.

Success stories like mine would not be possible without the work of Cancer Research UK, which in turn relies on everyone who raises money through Race for Life."