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More Wedding Stuff

So, only 7 months to go until the Big Day and I am starting to realise exactly how much there is to do!!  It's like a military operation!  Help is at hand this weekend as the National Wedding Show is taking place over at the NEC in Brum.  I am really hoping to sort EVERYTHING in one day - do you think that's possible?!  I will let you know next week!  Wish me luck....think I am going to need it!

Full Steam Ahead

So then, after months of deciding exactly where we want to get married, what time of day we want to get married, and who we want to's finally sorted!!  2nd October at 2pm!!! how exciting!

The countdown is well and truly on and plans are coming along.....sort of!  The important thing though, has been sorted - Mummy Alos and I have found the dress!  We now just need the other half to decide on what colour he would like to wear, just so we can then sort everything else around it! (Ladies, don't worry though, he is under supervision and will be pointed in the right direction when it comes to suits!)

Everyone has told me that organising a wedding is stressful - at the moment, things are going ok but I can imagine how things can get on top of you - it's also SO expensive!  I certainly won't be treating myself to any new handbags over the next few months as we are saving so hard....

All I seem to be able to talk about is weddings and colour schemes, I even dream about weddings and am constantly scouring the internet for loads of good ideas! People in the office here at Heart are calling me Bridezilla - and you know what?!  It's harsh but true!! I am loving it!

Will keep you updated

New Year, new Diet

Happy New Year!

So then the New Year is here and the diets have started!  Everyone in the Heart office laughed at me yesterday as I got a steamer delivered so I can cook my veggies more healthily!  There's nothing wrong with that is there?!

I have also just had delivered a new fitness DVD - There are so many out there on the market but I eventually decided on Claire from Steps (the main reason being, that it's all done to the Steps soundtrack!)   Brilliant!

I also did a bit of exercise yesterday - I did star jumps (yes really!) and threw a couple of weights around and was then exhausted and had to lay down - BUT, at least I did something!

If you are embarking on a new fitness regime, the good news is, it's another excuse for hitting the sales to get loads of cheap fitness gear!!


Good luck!