Chelmsford: Bus Crashes Into Bridge

A double decker bus has had its roof ripped off after crashing into a railway bridge next to the station in Chelmsford.

It happened just before 4.30pm on Thursday afternoon (May 16th) on Duke Street in the city centre.

16 year-old David McKay from Brentwood was sitting on the top deck of the bus when it happened. 

He told Heart about the moment he realised there was going to be a crash: "I saw the bridge and saw the height and just ran downstairs because I knew he [the bus driver] was going to hit it. 

"I just didn't want to look back up or see if anything had hit me, I was totally scared. 

"It felt more like you were on a rollercoaster, everything was shaking. It was really bad." 

Apart from Mr McKay, there was only one other person on the bus. 

The incident caused the area to be closed off and led to delays on the Great Eastern mainline as trains had to slow down passing through the station.

The bus driver was treated for shock at the scene.