Fights & Drunk Drivers: Police Tweet Night Of Action

21 September 2014, 10:41

Northants Police have given the public a glimpse of some of the problems they have to deal with every weekend - and shows the county's town centres regularly descend into violence, illegal drinking and criminal behaviour.

187 calls came in - in just 4 hours - and many of the 129 incidents they logged - were down to drink related violence.

The busiest time was around 4am when the clubs started to close - with reports of arrests in Northampton, Kettering and Daventry for fighting, criminal damage and assaulting door-staff.

But police also had to deal with lots of time wasters - one woman called saying her partner stole her phone - but turned-out she was drunk - and just lost it.

This is the summary of just ONE nights calls - from 10pm Saturday til 4am this morning (Sun 21st) calls into the Control Room and tweeted by police using #AlcoholHarm

  • Woman called in saying her partner stole her phone in fact she was drunk and had just lost it
  • Officers dealing with an alcohol fuelled fight in Northampton town centre
  • Fight resulted in window being smashed, two arrested, is it worth getting that drunk?
  • Gold Street, Northampton, man acting aggressively & threatening staff at Travel Lodge. Breath smells of alcohol
  • Police in Corby & Kettering have dealt with 3 drink-drivers already. One blew 100. Legal limit is 35
  • Daventry town centre - drunken female arrested for assaulting a member of door staff
  • Altercation in Northampton town centre. Two intoxicated men have assaulted one another
  • Turning into a busy night. Woman just been assaulted on Wellingborough Road, Northampton. Again looks like alcohol involved
  • Wootton - vehicle hits parked car. Driver turns out to be 1.5 times over legal limit. Guess where he'll be spending the night?
  • Northampton - police assisting man found flat out on path outside the bus station
  • Another arrest - drunk and disorderly. Dealing with #alcoholharm in town centres at weekends is a huge drain on our resources
  • Man arrested for criminal damage after smashing up a car. Guess what - breath laced with booze
  • Thanks go to the Street Pastors looking after intoxicated man passed out in road, until ambulance arrives
  • Club ejecting a group for alcohol-fuelled fighting - police on way
  • Group involved in fight outside Sol Central. Police attending. One injured
  • Kettering - police have just broken up a drunken brawl in town centre
  • 4am. Now it's really started to get busy as people pour onto the streets at club closing time, many of them intoxicated
  • Two more arrested for drunk and disorderly in last 5 minutes
  • Breath test reading 58. Legal limit is 35. Followed by officers as he went to re-fuel his vehicle.