Heart Breakfast's Naked Or Not

Warren's revealed that last week he got caught using the phone.............while naked!

Since then Heart Breakfast has been on a quest to find out whether this is common amongst the early risers in Gloucestershire. By asking highly technical questions and having a scientific approach to callers on the radio we believe we can work out if the caller is Naked.....Or NOT!!

First to take the challenge with Warren was Liam from Barnwood. Would you have guessed correctly? Listen here to find out.

Warren then spoke to Lin from Newent. See if you think she is Naked Or Not.

Next up Kelly from Abbeymead took on the challenge - Hear how she got on here.

Our final contestant of the week was Danny from Stroud - Would Warren guess correctly? Listen here to find out.

Tell us if you have had any experience with Naked phone calls or would like to try and misdirect Warren in his search as we play Naked or Not each day on Heart Breakfast.