Friday 21st October

The mayor’s got the bunting out, a public holiday’s been declared and property prices have soared! After 6 weeks, 30 contestants and 300 questions we have one winner! Congratulations to Debbie who took Selsdon to the top of the leaderboard on Battle Of The Boroughs with an incredible time of 27.87 seconds.

We’re keen followers of MC Hammer’s career on Heart Breakfast. We’ve got the albums, the glasses and even the baggy pants. What’s Hammer’s latest plan in his quest for world domination? Click below to find out.

We’re expecting big things again this weekend from Jason Donovan in Strictly. He told us that he’s feeling exhausted from practising his pasodoble but we’ve got a feeling he’ll be wowing us all. Come on #TeamJason!

Next week, Tom and Charlie will be keeping Jamie and Emma’s chairs warm. They’ll have loads of chances to win with Hearticulate, iPod Nana and Heart’s Artist Of The Year – Bruno Mars.

Have a fab weekend! x

Hammer News on Heart Breakfast - 21st October 2011