Monday 26th September

Jamie’s on holiday and Harriet’s on maternity leave so Tom and Charlie are holding the Heart Breakfast fort all this week.

So, what mechanical mishap did helicopter pilot and future king Prince William make recently? Click below top find out (and check out Tom’s dodgy impression!)


Simon Cowell is rumoured to be producing a new cookery show. Can you imagine what that would be like? Sob stories about Yorkshire puddings that won’t rise? Louis Walsh getting tearful over blancmange? And what about a name for the show? We suggest “The Eggs Factor”!

There was drama this morning on Battle Of The Boroughs as Shortlands stormed into the lead with a time of 40.28 seconds. That pushes Ickenham into second place and Enfield is now third. There’s a lot at stake – the pride of your parish and the chance to grab yourself £1000. Give us a call tomorrow if you’d like to play.

We also met 10 year old Cameron who’s playing The Generation Gap all this week. He got off to a strong start by beating his mum, Suzanne. She’ll be taking him for a Chinese to reward his efforts. Tomorrow he takes on his dad.

We’ll see you bright and early with our special guests – Steps! If you’ve got a question for them leave a message on the Heart Breakfast answerphone – 08457 600 678 x

Mechanical Mishaps On Heart Breakfast - 26th September 2011

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