Thursday 6th October

Jamie Theakston’s been known to put his size 11 foot right in it from time to time. Not any more though! He’s found a list of things not to say to women. What will Emma make of it? Click below to have a listen!

Did you see Rihanna last night on the tube? She beat the London traffic by using the Underground to get to her gig at the O2 Arena. She was accompanied by security guards but other commuters say she behaved just like any other passenger! We wonder if she was wearing her tiny hot pants? It can get quite hot on the Jubilee Line…

Barnaby continues to impress on The Generation Gap. Our 8 year old star knew that George Osbourne was the Chancellor and managed to avoid a forfeit from his nan. Tomorrow, he’ll be taking on his form teacher, Mr Donaghue just after 8.

It looked like Ilford might steal Southend’s place at the top of the Battle Of The Boroughs leaderboard today. Carl got all 10 questions right but managed a time of 38.28 seconds – not quite good enough to beat Michelle from Southend’s 35.95. Remember, you can still register to play for £1000 by giving us a call during the show.

Tomorrow is Freebie Friday and will Emma Bunton be Spicing Up Your Life? Make sure you switch us on from 6!

You Don't Say! - 6th October 2011