Tuesday 16th August

Happy birthday to Madonna! She’s 54 today. We’re guessing one thing she won’t be needing for her birthday is a pair of special leggings. They have loads of benefits… Click below to find out exactly what as Jamie talks pants (not for the first time!).

A new survey suggests we’ve fallen out of love with cereals. Instead, we’re eating more cereal bars, toast and yoghurt drinks (despite that dodgy bloke in the TV ads!).

Who starred with Kate Winslet in Titanic? It’s a tricky question for just after 6 o’clock in the morning! It was Leonardo DiCaprio but Tracey from Ashford thought it was Brad Pitt. Luckily she changed her mind and went for Leo which won her a Heart Breakfast alarm clock on Wakey Wakey.

Our Hearticulate contestant, Karen didn’t do quite so well. She scored 4 but it was still enough to get her an alarm clock. We have your chance to go to Jolly Day Out in Hampton Court Green to be won tomorrow.

Heart Breakfast’s Staycation gives you the chance to win your way in to some of London’s top attractions. Today we sent Lisa from Bracknell to London Zoo and the London Dungeon and Michelle from Hemel Hempstead to see Legally Blonde and Batman Live. We’ve got nearly £10,000 worth of family days out to be won. Make sure you’re listening in the morning!

Tomorrow, iPod Nana is back and we’ll be chatting to Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford.

Jamie And Harriet Talk Pants - 16th August 2011

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