Tuesday 4th October

He’s starred in two massive film franchises, he has a house in LA and he’s married to a supermodel. Jamie’s just a little bit envious! This morning Orlando Bloom popped in to give us a sneak preview of his new film. Have a listen below.

Fed up with bosses spouting incomprehensible acronyms and made-up words at you? Never fear! A new guide has been published that explains all. Ever been asked to take part in a “thought shower”? That’s another phrase for a brainstorm. What about “blamestorming”? That’s a meeting held to find out who’s to blame! Our favourite is WOMBAT – that stands for Waste Of Money, Brains And Time!

Well done to Barnaby who triumphed on The Generation Gap beating his dad and getting himself a golfing trip in the process. Tomorrow, he’ll be taking on another member of his family in the quiz where we ask grown-ups kids’ questions and kids grown-ups questions!

And we had a new leader on the Battle Of The Boroughs leaderboard – Southend stormed into first place with an impressive time of 35.95 seconds. Has your borough got what it takes to topple them? Give us a call tomorrow from 6am.

We’ll be back tomorrow when Emma could be Spicing Up Your Life. If you’re a Michael Jackson fan make sure your radio’s switched on from 6!

Orlando Bloom On Heart Breakfast - 4th October 2011