Wednesday 6th April

Jamie thought he’d teach the Rio lads a few tricks this morning as they played football with him on Copacabana beach. Well, the boys were playing football… we’re not sure what game Jamie was playing! Brazil 5 - England 0. You can check out the pictures in our gallery above.

He also went sightseeing at the famous Christ The Redeemer statue but nearly got arrested so the only sight he saw was a police car! We’re sending him off into the rainforest later so hopefully he won’t get into any trouble there…

Joanne continued to impress on Hearticulate. She described 6 objects to Gem from Stoke Newington and won her a private gondola ticket for up to 6 people on Heart’s Hyde Park Celebration Wheel.

And our new pal Guilherme revealed that his Uncle Wagner had passed on his singing talent to him! He also had another pass to see the new must-see family film Rio at Cineworld to give away. Listen from 6 tomorrow for your chance to win one.

Have a great day!

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