Lucy's Blog - Monday 24th June

Hiya! How’s your Monday been? Hope you had a lovely weekend & work wasn’t too taxing today!

On today’s show we talked about the things you DON’T like doing as a couple. Let’s face it, you all love your significant others, but that doesn’t mean you enjoy doing everything together….
So – what do you NOT like doing as a couple?

Debbie - Clothes shopping! He is worse than a woman!!!
Tina - I don't share his love of clutter. He is a wonderful man but he keeps everything and it drives me nuts.
Jane - Going on holiday because when it’s all inclusive he drinks the bar shut….
Teresa – Shopping! When I go into a shop he follows me around, walks behind me and says you don't want that!
Lynne - Decorating, gardening, washing the cars…. He's old enough to do it on his own!!
Hannah - Washing up! Have you heard of washing up liquid sweetheart!??
Suzanne - Watching sport - it's not that I don't like sport, it's that he is a sore loser.
Kate - Share a bathroom when the other needs the toilet - some things should remain behind closed doors!
Kim - Hanging out the washing! Hubby does not hang it right!
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4, see you then!
Lucy xxx

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