Lucy's Blog - Monday 8th July

Hiya! How was your weekend?

I felt incredibly lucky this weekend. Not only did I get to see the Rolling Stones live at Hyde Park, I also had a lovely BBQ round mine with friends, and we watched Andy Murray win Wimbledon! To top it off, the weather was just wonderful. Cracking weekend! Hope you had a wonderful one too.
So, on today’s show, we were talking about lame injuries. This is after JK’s mate did his back in getting into a paddling pool at the weekend!
How have you injured yourself in a silly way?
Gemma - I was taking off my coat in a restaurant when I tore the muscles in between my shoulder blades. I had to have loads of time off work and a friend help me get dressed.

Lee - Changing the bedding and took it downstairs and tripped on it and fell down them and tore the quadricep muscle off the bone in my leg and had a 5 hour op to reattach it

Sara - I broke my big toe playing dodge ball as warm up at Karate ...
James - Foot slipped off a kerb lining up to go into a school disco! Broke the little toe metatarsal bone. I was sober as well.

Jenny - I injured my knee doing 5k for charity at my son's school x

Hannah - My mum got concussion getting out of my brothers car

Jo - Broke my finger grabbing a tea towel from my husband!
Mark - Dislocated my thumb doing that stupid childish armpit fart noise.
Shelley - I sprained both ankles whilst at the gym! I couldn't walk or drive for almost 2.5 weeks!!
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy xxx

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