Lucy's Blog - Thursday 21st November

Hiya! Hope you’ve had a fab day! On today’s show we were talking about the best toys EVER! This was after we had a nostalgic moment chatting about the things we used to ask for on our Christmas List!

My favourite toy ever was the Play-Doh Mop Top Hair Shop! It was AMAZING. I even found the advert for it (very 80’s), and it’s on the Heart London Facebook page!
So – what’s the best toy ever? Here’s some of yours….
Kim - My Space Hopper best ever but the ones today are nowhere near as big…
Mon - Best Christmas mas pressie I got was a pogo stick. My dad tried to show off on xmas morning - bounced off the pavement and ended up sprawled in the gutter – didn’t put me off though!!
Sarah - I think best toy invented was My Little Pony : ) used to love this as a child
Rob - The best toy ever is a Scalextric. Still going strong today!
Hannah - Furby and a Tamagotchi - My mum ended up looking after the Tamagotchi (s) whilst I was at school so they didn't die!
We’ll be back tomorrow fro 4pm, see you then!
Lucy xxx

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