Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 16th January

We’ve got to the hump of the week – hooray for Wednesday!

On todays show, JK was disgusted with something he saw on the way in today. He wasn’t impressed to see a young gent walking around in public wearing a ONESIE!! Personally, coming from a man who wears Crocs AND Ugg boots in public, I felt this was a little hypocritical, but hey…
Here’s some of your thoughts on whether it’s wrong to wear your Onesie in public…
Davinia – I wouldn't wear one full stop! I really dislike them & tbh adults look like teletubbies when wearing them. xxx
Clare - To me someone wearing a onesie in the street tells me they probably have got straight out of bed and havent bothered to clean their teeth and shower as well......there is a time and a place and the street just aint it lol
Suzanne - I wasn't quite brave enough to go to the shop in mine last night
Jasmine - It is totally acceptable!
Lauren - I think they are great, me and hubs wear ours out in public it keeps us warm in this weather!
Feel free to add your thoughts on this on our Facebook page! Unfortunately, you’ll also find a picture of me & my Mum in our Onesies on there too. Thanks JK for that one, thanks a bunch!
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4 – have a fab evening!
Lucy xxx

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