Is This How Prince Harry's Girlfriend Really Managed To Tie Him Down?

Prince Harry Wearing Matching Bracelet

The most eligible royal in the world could be off the market as reports heat up about his steamy new romance.

It's a sad day for women in the U.K as Britain's most eligible royal bachelor is reportedly off the market. 

What's more, the devishly handsome Prince appears to have ditched the idea of a British suitor and sought love across the pond instead, as it's thought he is now dating American actress Meghan Markle.

The sexy brunette shot to fame as Rachel Zane hit U.S. legal drama 'Suits', and it appears that her exotic looks and impressive credentials have helped her steal the heart of the Prince, who so far, has been untamed. 

According to new reports the Prince went out of his way to pursue after she seemingly played hard to get, and begged her by text to agree to a date.

A friend told The Sun newspaper: "They are the real deal. He definitely pursued her and besieged her with texts until she agreed to a date. 

Despite her unwillingness to strike up a relationship with the royal, she eventually gave in and now the pair have real feelings for each other. 

"He is very full-on but she was going through quite a tough time with her previous boyfriend and she was very flattered. He's head over heels and she feels the same.

The source told The Sun the pair went to London's Soho House in early July with a group of friends and then had two more dates by themselves where the young royal "swept her off her feet."

Harry, who has been single since breaking off his two-year-relationship with Cressida Bonas in 2014, is reportedly "besotted" with Meghan and its thought they could have been dating as long as SIX MONTHS after meeting in Canada.

The 35-year-old actress, who is of mixed heritage, is a departure from Prince Harry's usual affixation for blondes, but it's thought the breath-taking beauty captivated the royal's attention during his visit to Toronto. 

A source close to the prince, who is fifth-in-line to the throne, told The Express: "He’s happier than he’s been for many years." 

"He’s in a very relaxed period of his life and Meghan has come along at the right time.

"They are taking each week as it comes and just enjoying each other’s company but it’s fair to say that they love seeing each other and there’s a definite chemistry between them."

A sultry photo posted to Meghan's Instagram account over the weekend set tongues wagging, as she appeared to be wearing a bracelet identical to Harry's, sparking speculation that the flame-haired Prince had given her the trinket as a gift.

As if that wasn't enough to put the rumour mill into overdrive, the Mail revealed that Harry is one of the actress's many Instagram followers uses a pseudonym so the pair can stay connected on the picture-sharing website. 

It certainly comes as shocker due to the fact that Harry has publicly expressed his hatred for social media in the past.

If the reports are true, it definitely adds more weight to the theory that the pair are an item, especially seeing as the Prince's private Instagram account only 'follows' a few close friends. 

So what do we know about Meghan so far? Well, judging by her impressive credentials, we can see why Harry is keen!

Who is Meghan Markel? 

An american television actress who plays Rachel Zane in the U.S legal drama Suits, she is rumoured to be dating Prince Harry. Aswell as being an actress she is a human rights activist, and manages her own blogging website The Tig, named after her favourite Italian wine, Tignanello.

How long has Prince Harry been dating Meghan Markel?

It's reported the pair could have been seeing each other as long as six months after meeting in Toronto Canada. 

What's Meghan Markel's Instagram handle? 

Meghan's Instagram handle @meghanmarkle has one million followers. Unlike Prince Harry's hatred for social media, Meghan is an avid user of the site and has posted over 2,000 sultry pictures.

Who are Meghan Markel's friends?

Some of the celebrity contacts in Meghan's extensive social circle include tennis star Serena Williams and Made In Chelsea heiress Millie Mackintosh. 

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