Local Election: Gains for Labour in East

4 May 2012, 06:00

It has been a good night for Labour in the local council elections in Suffolk and Norfolk.

There were three areas in East Anglia that were up for election:

  • Ipswich
In Ipswich there was no change as they held on to power and took seats off the other parties, as the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives dropped a total of four seats.
Labour 66.7% 32 seats  +4
Conservative 25%1 2s eats -3
Liberal Democrat 8.3% 4 seats -1
  • Norwich
In Norwich Labour took overall control of the council with the Greens making a strong showing in second place.  The Tories dropped two seats.
Labour 53.8% 21 seats +3
Green 38.5% 15 seats  No change
Liberal Democrat 7.7% 3 seats -1
Conservative 0% 0 seats  -2
  • Great Yarmouth
In Great yarmouth Labour took control of the council off the Tories.  They gained five seats in total with four of them off the Conservatives.  
Labour 53.8% 21 seats +5
Conservative 46.2% 18 seats -4
Others 0% 0 seats -1