More Fine Weather expected over Weekend

24 May 2012, 11:49

The warm weather is expected to last into the weekend, and is set to reach the low 20's, Heart is being told.

Dan Holley, Forecaster at Weatherquest, is telling Heart that despite the average temperature for this time of year being 16-17 degrees, we have so far experienced up to 26 degrees in this part of the region. 

"The fine weather will stay into the weekend but not quite as warm because a bit of a breeze will develop," says Dan.

"We'll be looking at highs in the low 20's, which is still above average and will feel pleasant outside of that breeze. Monday looks alright, but with a chance of one or two showers as we go into Tuesday. There's no sign of any really wet weather on the way just yet."

This warm spell is being caused by a ridge of high pressure over Scandinavia travelling south, and according to Weatherquest, the arrival of the weekend should see the early morning mist and fog start to disappear thanks to the Easterly breeze.

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