Get To Know Oli

Who was your first celebrity crush?
Mine was Kylie. When she was Charlene Robinson in Neighbours, I swear it was love.

Who’s your most recent celebrity crush?
No one off the top of my head.

What song gets you on the dance floor?
I don’t dance on a whim for any Tom, Dick or Harry! It needs to be something VERY special. I’m more of a ‘stand and watch the bad dancing’ kinda guy.

What song reminds you of the most treasured moments in your life?
I have a very significant attachment to Elbow – 'One Day Like This.'

What makes you feel good more than anything else?
Don’t laugh - I’m in to lifting weights. Strong man type stuff. I’m a big guy, so when I miss training I feel awful. The feeling I get when I’ve had a good training sesh is huge!

What’s your most proud radio moment in your career?
Being from the South originally, I was desperate to get out and live elsewhere. Moving North to work at one of the biggest radio stations in the UK was by far the proudest moment in my career. I’m proud to now be living and working in one of the most beautiful parts of Wales. Even better now that my great uncle Bobby in Hollyhead can hear me!

Has anybody told you you look like a celebrity? Who?
Brendan Fraser from 'The Mummy'. There is the odd moment, with a fleeting glance in the mirror where I think “maybe?”. I dunno, what do you think?

Favourite food?
Meat. Any meat as long as it’s lean and tasty, I’m there! And a BBQ chicken pizza.

Favourite film?
I really haven’t got a favourite film. I’ll watch anything me. Although ‘Lost’ is my favourite TV series of all time. Bit old now, but still great.

Tell us about your ideal weekend.
Sunshine. Not too warm! Bala Lake with my Mrs and my toddler, Delilah & a picnic before a nice walk and a BBQ with pals back at home with a few beer in the evening. It’s the simple stuff in life!

What was your first ever Facebook status update?
“Oli Kemp is making a batch of Bio Diesel” …  (Don’t ask. This was a previous life)

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