Goat Race

2 April 2010, 11:22

If watching two teams of rowers isn't really your thing, there's another sporting event involving Oxford and Cambridge going on.

The annual charity Goat Race is taking place in London at the same time as the University Boat Race, on Saturday 3 April 2010.

The contest at Spitalfields Market will see two goats - one representing Oxford and the other, Cambridge - battle it out for the title of Top Goat.

This year, the two goats involved are brother and sister - Bentley and Bramble.

One insider has been telling Heart: "Bets are already being placed and I was eager to gather a little background to the competitors’ long-held sibling rivalry, a compelling psychodrama that will be played out in front of spectators on the running track this Easter."

Proceeds from the Goat Race will go to the Spitalfields City Farm charity.

Watch the video of the 2010 Goat Race